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The certainty of its representation comforts us from the slavery of life; the certainty of life comforts us from the fact that representation is only a shadow. Jean-Luc Goddard Print and broadcast journalist with over twenty years of experience as a reporter, anchor and film reviewer for top media markets in the U.S. and Latin America (Televisa, Telemundo, Reuters-TV). First woman in Mexican television to do film reviews and have them included as part of the news coverage and not confined to entertainment segments. For Televisa, covered live events like the Oscar’s Ceremony and the Cannes Film Festival. In 2002 became anchor for Telemundo’s local newscast, Telenoticias 64 and now film reviewer for Telemundo's website; International Press Representative for the Morelia International Film Festival; and a Hispanic media link for D.C.’s Environmental Film Festival. Bachelor’s degree in Film Criticism and Analysis from Emerson College and a master in Humanities from Georgetown University. Of special interest, the University of Paris X published Master thesis “Cinema and Identity” in the book Frontières, Marges et Confins (2008). “I have always combined my news assignments with cultural journalism because I am convinced that the most effective, profound and accessible way to create social and political awareness is through the lens of art. No article, no research, no statistic can explain, convey, and even awaken people’s consciousness, as a book, a film, a painting, or even a song, can. I have used films—, which tend to attract large audiences—to tackle social, political and cultural issues. I believe that philosophy and the arts, such as literature, theater and film are equally thoughtful modes of investigating existential questions.”

Un-Winged Migration (Zagat’s move to Mobil Application Business)

UN-WINGED MIGRATION: Zagat’s Second Try In a previous blog post, “The Internet is Dead,” I mention how the tendency nowadays was for the center of interactive media to move to a post-HTML environment. As far back as 1997, Wired Magazine … Continue reading

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The internet is Dead

 “THE INTERNET IS DEAD” (For Big Business, that is.) Such is the claim of a controversial article published by Wired Magazine last August. Almost two decades after Timothy Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web went live on December 1990, the reckoning is … Continue reading

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The Social Network: David vs. Goliath. Old school vs. No school. Past vs. Future.

The Social Network: Best illustration so far of displacement from tri dimensional social universe to one-dimensional plane that—paradoxically—allows construction of multi-layered self. David Fincher’s film is Hollywood at its best. Aaron Sorkin’s (The West Wing) brilliant script slides in different … Continue reading

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