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Folkways Recordings Webmaster

Webmaster Tobby Dodds sat down with me to explain Folkways’ success. Folkways is a record company operated by the Smithsonian that has a huge collection of about 40,000 traditional Americana, spoken word, world music, and ethnographic recordings, and even the … Continue reading

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Whitney’s Assumption of Risks

Last week, on the television show, “30 Rock,” main character Tracy Jordan’s son opens up a restaurant. The rookie restaurateur assumes that customers would enjoy eating their meals while watching Japanese Godzilla monsters engage in deadly battle. He turns out to … Continue reading

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What is Content & How does it Relate to the Mobile Phone?

In our journalism class, we defined content as information: everything from Page One to Letters to the Editor to the Classifieds to the Daily Horoscope. Content doesn’t imply quality just substance: TMZ, BBC, Howard Stern, NPR,, tv shows, … Continue reading

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Figuring-out a Job-to-be-Done

My friend Alexa needs extra cash. So she’s looking for an evening job she can do after her full-time day job at Neiman Marcus. However, she’s having a hard time finding available jobs that meet her needs through the current … Continue reading

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