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“Check-in” social media … hot, hot, hot!

Check-in sites are starting to pop-up like weeds! I recently just posted about Facebook getting in the game that Foursquare started. Now, Yelp? Yelp seems to be one of the original sites that really gave consumers a voice. They definitely … Continue reading

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Widgets make it easier to share content

In our last class, we discussed the important social media widgets to have displayed on most websites, and critiqued why some had them and others didn’t. At the very least we expected to see Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The website … Continue reading

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Uh-oh … is Facebook going to overshadow Foursquare?

Facebook is attempting to disrupt the market again! This time, they are moving in on a profitable sector that was found in Foursquare. In an article in today’s, the CEO of Facebook has announced plans to launch a location-based service where … Continue reading

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AdKeeper – a new “key term”

The other day in class we presented our “key terms” that we were assigned in order to become familiar with words we will inevitably be using in the digital age. Then, in our last class, we put many of those terms and … Continue reading

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