Widgets make it easier to share content

In our last class, we discussed the important social media widgets to have displayed on most websites, and critiqued why some had them and others didn’t. At the very least we expected to see Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The website that I used as an example, DoDLive.mil, has Facebook, Twitter, podcasts and an email alert prominently displayed. LinkedIn tends to be viewed as primarily a serious and professional site, so we speculated as to maybe that’s why it wasn’t on there.

We discussed how you can also go too overboard. On the aforementioned site, there is an extensive blogroll, which is good and encourages cross promotion. But it tends to look too cluttered, especially when you start adding rails for things like “user comments.” It doesn’t seem to important to me.

I’m a member of several “groups” on my LinkedIn profile, such as the Naval Officers Network. When there is a great article or important news going out, the members have an easy way to disseminate the information to a mass amount of people.

There are more than a million people serving on active duty, not to mention military spouses and veterans who are very plugged-in. Not using the audience of LinkedIn is a missed opportunity.

I really like this article “10 Social Media Widgets That Can Increase Your Blog’s Traffic.” I love the other sites it suggests that I’d never heard of, such as Kirtsy This! which is geared more towards women.

This guy from SexyWidget.com got it right “I like to think about the value chain for widgets consisting of 1) publishing; 2) distribution); 3) analytics; and 4) monetization.” It’s hard to believe he wrote that in 2006 – quite the pioneer!

Encouraging people to share with others, or to simply follow, adds clout to your business. The more people who subscribe to you in some manner, the more $ you will be worth to advertisers.

So when putting together your blog or business plan, don’t forget about Widgets!

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3 Responses to Widgets make it easier to share content

  1. I just discovered widgets while building up my blog in Word Press recently and loved them! The problem is that if you choose a certain design for your blog you can only access the widgets that come with that design. Also, someone mentioned that it would help if I had links for them to recommend my posting directly in their Facebook or Twitter pages and I could not figure how to do that. My question is:
    Could I get those widgets in word press?
    If not, does one have to pay for widgets in the sites you suggest?

  2. PS The link to DoDLive.mil, is broken

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