Blog posts on social media, ‘good enough’ and adding value

I wrote a blog post covering some of the social media topics we addressed last night and will address next week:

Entrepreneurial journalists need to master social media

In addition, I call to your attention two other blog posts on entrepreneurial topics:

Journalism: What added value will add revenue?

Forget ‘value-added’ journalism; think ‘disruptive innovation’


About Steve Buttry

I am Director of Student Media at LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication.
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2 Responses to Blog posts on social media, ‘good enough’ and adding value

  1. Delece says:

    Right now, Twitter is my favorite distribution platform and I’m curious to see if media organizations will ever profit from using it.

    One thing I’ve always wondered is what’s the best way to post content on Twitter as a journalist. Some news organizations use their Twitter accounts as feeds that only update with headlines and links, while others use it to link to stories and engage readers in several ways, many of which are listed in Steve’s social media blog post: answering questions, addressing complaints, etc.

    Steve, do you know if anyone has done research on this? I know Twitter is still a fairly new distribution tool for media but you never know if Poynter or someone else has already done a study on it.

    • Steve Buttry says:

      I have not seen such research, Delece. Might be a good project for a grad student. I strongly believe that a conversational Twitter presence builds the best relationship with others on Twitter.

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