Photographers discuss social media use

Here’s an interesting blog post on some entrepreneurial journalists using social media:

4 Photographers Describe Their Social Media Workflow

About Steve Buttry

I am Director of Student Media at LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication.
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One Response to Photographers discuss social media use

  1. Sandra Whitaker says:

    I think that this is a refreshing way to look at how social media can take someone’s hobby and turn it into a lucrative business. For example by using simple SEO, the first interviewee, Todd Owyoung, has mad his site the go to for concert and music photography. His is the first site that comes up on Google search when typing in concert photography. Coming from being unheard of in 2007 to well known now in the music industry was all from the help of social media.

    Others that were interviewed state that social media has been so helpful, that they could potentially start selling ad-space for a profit.

    It is an interesting concept to grasp that the business world and the way that people are doing business is changing and entrepreneurial work is becoming very dependent on the newer social media platforms.

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