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Why you should launch a startup

This isn’t journalism-focused, but 14 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Startup by Jason Baptiste has some interesting observations on being an entrepreneur. Note the effective use of social media: 12,000-plus likes on Facebook and 800-plus retweets. That’s the … Continue reading

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Blog posts on social media, ‘good enough’ and adding value

I wrote a blog post covering some of the social media topics we addressed last night and will address next week: Entrepreneurial journalists need to master social media In addition, I call to your attention two other blog posts on … Continue reading

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Photographers discuss social media use

Here’s an interesting blog post on some entrepreneurial journalists using social media: 4 Photographers Describe Their Social Media Workflow

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Practical advice for entrepreneurs

This advice is not specific to journalism. But I thought I’d pass along some general advice from Melinda Emerson: Be Careful About Advice You Take as a Start-up Entreprenuer Remember that you need to write at least two posts if … Continue reading

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Uh-oh … is Facebook going to overshadow Foursquare?

Facebook is attempting to disrupt the market again! This time, they are moving in on a profitable sector that was found in Foursquare. In an article in today’s, the CEO of Facebook has announced plans to launch a location-based service where … Continue reading

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Excellent post on entrepreneurial journalism

Jan Schaffer of J-Lab has written an excellent post on entrepreneurial journalism, News Entrepreneuring. I encourage the class to read this post. You could choose one or more of these points as topics for blog posts of your own.

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