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What’s your content plan?

In a post on my own blog, I cover some of the same points we covered in class Monday: Key decision for entrepreneurial journalists: What’s your content plan? Advertisements

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What is Content & How does it Relate to the Mobile Phone?

In our journalism class, we defined content as information: everything from Page One to Letters to the Editor to the Classifieds to the Daily Horoscope. Content doesn’t imply quality just substance: TMZ, BBC, Howard Stern, NPR,, tv shows, … Continue reading

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Feel free to use supporting media in your blog posts

I hope everyone reads Jessica’s post on AdKeeper, which is a strong analysis of a product called AdKeeper. I want to use this as an example of how you should watch for opportunities to embed media in blog posts. AdKeeper … Continue reading

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AdKeeper – a new “key term”

The other day in class we presented our “key terms” that we were assigned in order to become familiar with words we will inevitably be using in the digital age. Then, in our last class, we put many of those terms and … Continue reading

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Figuring-out a Job-to-be-Done

My friend Alexa needs extra cash. So she’s looking for an evening job she can do after her full-time day job at Neiman Marcus. However, she’s having a hard time finding available jobs that meet her needs through the current … Continue reading

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Mobile app for tracking food trucks in the District

In class, Professor Buttry discussed the concept of “jobs to be done,” which holds that customers do not really buy products; instead, they hire them to get jobs done. The purpose is to discover key “jobs” that customers cannot adequately … Continue reading

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The Business of Bark + Bite: How to Spread the Word and (Hopefully) Make Money

I recently spoke with my friend Ricky Ribeiro, founder and editor of (also known as Bark + Bite), to get a better understanding of how a blogger without the backing of a big media organization survives in the digital … Continue reading

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